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Smaller Molenkruiser

I haven’t posted in a while now, I know. But I think I have a good reason. Ive been hot on the search for our boat.
When Karen and I returned to UK from SA last month, we made a detour to Belgium to look at a couple of boats.
It was a whirlwind weekend – Landed at Heathrow, Eurostar to Brussels. Overnight at an Ibis hotel and train to Antwerp where we met the broker.
The boat we saw was a 11.6 metre Molenkruiser. Lovely boat and relatively new. Trouble is the inside needed quite a bit of refitting. However, very reasonably priced – so – high on the list.

Pedro 36
Next, another train journey to Brugge. The boat there was also newish, but not really finished!
Much too much work to do, and too expensive.
Back on the Eurostar to London, and on to Aberdeen by train.
We thoroughly enjoyed our brief Belgium interlude, and are looking forward to doing some Belgian waterways in the future.
You can read about our trip on Karen’s blog: Green Point Greenie
I still had to show Karen the Molenkruiser I saw last year in Nottingham. So that was another hectic weekend. Hired a car
and drove down on the Friday. Saturday, saw the boat and even had a short spin on the River Trent.
We also had a look at another Stevens 1040. A lovely little boat, but a touch small.
Drove back on Sunday!
Then, to make a last comparison, we looked at a Pedro 36 in Hull the following weekend. Also a good boat but again a bit small.
Our Molenkruiser – Olivia Rose
Well, my favourite boat all along has been the Molenkruiser in Nottingham, and fortunately Karen thinks she is perfect too!!
So we have come to an agreement with the owner and subject to survey and all that administration, she is ours!!
Another hectic week coming up then – back to Nottingham for the lift out and survey – sometime early June. 
And then the real journey starts!

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