2018 Shangri La cruising – Season review

What a season it was! Great from the point that we sold Shangri La to a good home, and that we achieved a reasonable price. Not so good from the cruising point of view.

Map with 2018 cruising route

With regards to the first point – when we bought Shangri La
at the end of 2012, I said that we …

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Gilly wild stop

Shangri La - The Final Episode - Part 2

Thursday 30th August to Monday 24th September

Part 2 – The sale of Shangri La

About a week after we left the boat  in July (see South of France and Sojourn in England), I had a message from the H2O broker that we already had an offer on Shangri La, obviously subject to survey, which I then ac…

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Shangri La with radar arch and aft awning down

Shangri La - The Final Episode

Thursday 30th August to Monday 24th September

Part 1 – The cruising

Shangri La at fuel jetty – St Jean

The final episode on Shangri La was somewhat of a
rollercoaster ride, with loads of mixed emotions – happiness, sadness, relief
and frustration!

I had hoped to have a pleasant three w…

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Sunset in Gray

Sojourn in England

27th Julyto 29th August


Bath – River Avon

There are several reasons for this month long sojourn in England. The main reason was to do the 2 -week Demuth’s Vegan Cooking Diploma Course in Bath.

As any regular reader will know, we follow a plant-based diet and are always looking for …

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Looe - Cornwall, England

South of France

Monday 16th July to Friday 27th July
South of France
There are a number of reasons for this little trip – we would have loved to have done it aboard Shangri La, but the trip down the Rhone is not taken lightly, especially if you want to come back up again. Also, down south we are getting into sa…

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Marseille - Grande Escalier

Chalon-sur-Saone - and on to St Jean-de-Losne

Wednesday 4th to Friday 6th July

As much as it is wonderful to have friends on board, it is lovely to have the boat all to ourselves. We had three lovely relaxing days in Chalon – a meal at our favourite vegan eatery – La Pierre Vie, shop ups at Monoprix and Carrefour, some …

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On the Saone - Chalon to Verdun sur le Doubs

“There is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” … as the Water Rat said to the Mole in “Wind in the Willows”. And how right he was! I hope I can share the pleasures of boating by recording the trips myself and my wife Karen have taken on the journey to actually buying our boat, and now on our very own Dutch Steel Motor Cruiser, Shangri-La 2.

This blog is an online journal of my various boating activities that have happened over the last few years, from the numerous boating holidays we have taken, some interesting work related events and the journey to buying our own boat

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Latest Adventures

Decize – on the Loire

Decize Tuesday 19th June The marina at Decize turned out to be very good, and not as expensive as I had been expecting. 10 Euros per night including electricity and water and wifi. This time the wifi actually worked! Well on our PCs and my mobile. But would simply NOT... read more

Canal Lateral a la Loire

Friday 15th to Monday 18th June Canal Lateral a la Loire Digoin to Decize Digoin is where three waterways meet – Canal du Centre, Canal de Roanne a Digoin and the Canal Lateral a la Loire. We set out from Digoin, now heading down the Canal Lateral a la Loire, at about... read more

Canal de Roanne s Digoin – Artaix to Digoin

  Wednesday 13th June Artaix to Digoin We had arranged a lockie for 0930 at the first lock, so got going about 09.10. The weather was perfect for boating – Not too hot and not raining. The first three locks were close together and operated by a young female... read more

Canal de Roanne a Digoin – Roanne to Briennon

Monday 11th June Roanne to Briennon Our departure day. Raining. Karen returned the ablution keys to the Capitainerie while I disconnected the shore power. Lowered our awning and radar arch in preparation for the low bridges. We left at about 10.45 and did a short... read more

Roanne 2018

  Wednesday 30th May And at last I am back aboard Shangri La in Roanne! It is always a bit of a trek to get back on board, but this time it was exacerbated by the French rail strike. I had booked my flight from London to Lyon some time ago for Monday 28th ,... read more

Vegan Barging in France

Regular readers might be aware that Karen and I follow a plant-based diet, which can be tricky at times, but possibly more so while vegan barging in France. It has become easier over time, and we eat very well on board! Shangri-La has a wonderfully equipped galley and... read more

Plans for 2018

Planning for 2018 –   This is quite a traumatic post to write! Originally our thoughts were to continue along the Canal Lateral a la Loire, join into the River Seine and head to Paris. Someone said to me one absolutely has to cruise through Paris on one’s own... read more

Roanne – preparing to winter

Wednesday 9th to Tuesday 15th August Roanne The marina at Roanne turned out to be surprisingly large, and with also then surprisingly little to offer in the way of marine supplies and services! There is a large community of live-aboard boaters moored here, with a bit... read more

Canal de Roanne a Digoin

Sunday 6th to Tuesday 8th August 2017 Briennon to Roanne We were getting very close to the end of our trip so the pressure to get moving was less. And we only had a short way to go to Roanne so decided to spend the morning here in Briennon and head off after lunch. I... read more

Canal de Roanne a Digoin

  Friday 4th to Saturday 5th August 2017. Digoin to Bourg-le-Compte (Wild Stop) Another lovely but hot day on the Canal de Roanne a Digoin. Yesterday, while visiting the aquaduct, we had spoken to the lockie at the next lock, which it seemed was manned all the... read more

Trips by Date

About Me

My love of boats goes back to my early years when I went on holiday with my parents to Knysna in the Cape. We stayed at a hotel on stilts, and I played in rowing boats and little motor boats on the lagoon.

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