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Still no nearer to getting our boat. Have been looking again on the internet. There are a few interesting boats for sale on the Dutch website – http://www.botentekoop.nl/
Cannot do much about them at the moment, still being in Cape Town. However, I will be in UK later in the year, so a trip across to Holland might be a good idea.
Meanwhile, I was looking back through all our holiday photographs. Boats and waterways must definitely be in my blood – we always seemed to have been on, or near the water at some point or other.

Canoeing on the Orange River

In 2004 we took a 4 day canoe trip on the Orange River. Relaxing and exhiliarating!
Long lazy periods drifting leisurely along with the current, interspersed with short hectic sessions, shooting rapids.
No fixed overnight spots. Camped out in the open wherever we got to at the end of the day. Sleeping under the stars is wonderful. Away from the city lights, you can see millions.
It was very hot. During the day we baked in the sun, with frequent cooling dips in the river.
The worst part for that holiday was the 7 hour drive from Cape Town to Vioolsdrif, just across the border into Namibia, where the trip started.
I can recommend this trip to anyone. Read more about Orange River Trips .

High and Dry – St Lucia Estuary

The following year we had a week at a resort on the St Lucia Estuary, north of Durban on the East Coast of South Africa.
Expected to do something on the water, but as you can see – it was not to be.

Not sure why, but the amount of water flowing into the estuary has decreased over the last few years and the water level has dropped dramatically.
The boat in the picture once took visitors on cruises to see the birdlife. I doubt it will be afloat again for many years. What a pity it has come to this.

Bangkok – Floating Market

Another time we had two weeks in Thailand.
We did all the usual tourist stuff, amongst which was a trip on the canal in a water taxi to see
the Floating Market in Bangkok.
I thought it was hot on the Orange River. Here it was hotter –  and humid as well!
The canal system in Bangkok may not be very extensive, but is certainly busy.

Water Taxis powered by massive engines with vicious looking propellers (reminded me of the first James Bond movies) speed dangerously amongst the wooden canoes paddled by local woman selling food. Fascinating!

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