Cruising the Netherland Inland Waterways

Waiting at the Blokzijl lock

Got going just before 1300 – or so we thought!

After hours of work, new ignition switch and all sorts of other bits – turned the key and – nothing.

Back to the ‘hot wire’ method, which fortunately still worked. (Another job back on the job list!)

By the time we arrived at Blokzijl lock, we were in a small queue of boats so had to wait anyway.

Locking up at Blokzijl

Blokzijl is a tiny tiny little place, with not very much other than the lock, with a bridge, a restaurant right alongside the lock and a marina.

Very pretty though.

Shortly after that we came to Vollenhovenbrug.

A rather modern looking lift bridge.

While we were quite far away, the bridge opened and another motor boat went through.


I thought they would keep the bridge open for us, but no –  it suddenly closed before we got there.

There was no VHF channel indicated for this bridge, nor a call button to press for service.

We were about to tie up at the waiting place, when suddenly we got the red/green ‘get ready’
lights, and the bridge opened.

Kadoelersluis stop lock and bridge

As we went through we could see a long line of cars already waiting to cross.

Obviously this was a very busy road and they only opened the bridge for boats at the last minute.

Next was the Kadoelersluis stop lock and bridge.

The lock was standing open, as it is only used in times of flooding or high sea levels, but the bridge was closed.

Buoyed channel across the Zwartermeer

This time I had to call on the VHF and request bridge service.

No problem – they opened up for us almost immediately.

Finally we crossed the Zwartermeer, navigating the long buoyed channel, (there is some navigation to be done on inland waterways) and arrived back at Zwartsluis about 1600.

Despite the starting problems, a very pleasant days cruising.

The next day, we packed up everything, took down flags, put on covers and prepared to leave Shangri La for the next month or so, while I headed offshore to work and Karen headed back home.

I had a planning session with Wim at the Kranerweerd, going through the job list, and got a firm promise that all the jobs would be done by the time we returned.

We can but hope.

We do actually need everything working well – we have friends joining us next time and we really don’t want to be hanging around in Zwartsluis trying to get things fixed.

In the meantime – happy boating. I shall start planning a route for our next time here.

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