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Netherlands waterway cruising

On the Steenwijkerdiep

On Sundays the bridges and locks here only operate from 9 am, so we had a slightly later start, and got going about 0945.

We planned to go the slightly longer way round to Zwartsluis, via Blokzijl, still a fairly easy days motoring.

We had originally wanted to go this way, but do it in two stages with a wild overnight stop somewhere in the middle.


With the hot water problem, we had decided not to do this, but rather have the 3 nights in Steenwijk, where we could have a hot shower.

Shangri La has a very good shower, but I didnt fancy a cold one. (Another job on the list for Maartijn at de Kranerweerd).


So we backed out of the narrow visitor mooring, and headed off along the Steenwijkerdiep towards Blokzijl.

It is a failry narrow and peaceful canal with a speed limit of 6 kpm, so the engine was hardly ticking over, at about 900 RPM.

Very pleasant and relaxing.

Approaching the trick T-junction

Both Halfwegbrug and Koeiwegbrug opened for us as we approached.

Fortunately I had checked the Wateralmanak and found that Koeiwegbrug was a tollbrug.
Charge €2.

As we approached we saw a sign indicating the toll was actually €2.10c.

Frantic mad scramble to find 10c!

Weteringbrug – fixed bridge

Karen did her bit and popped the money into the clog on a pole which the bridge operator swung out as we passed.

I tried to photograph this but decided getting the boat through the narrow gap was more of a priority.

Lunch stop at remote wild mooring

After negotiating a rather tricky T-junction where the Steenwijkerdiep meets the Noorderdiep, followed by  the fixed Weteringbrug, it was already nearly 1200.

We knew we would not make it to the Blokzijl lock before the lunchtime stoppage. So we tied up at one of the wild moorings and had our lunch there.
We just love these wild moorings – always in very remote spots and so peaceful.

The rest of the trip next week.

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