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27th Julyto 29th August


Bath – River Avon

There are several reasons for this month long sojourn in England. The main reason was to do the 2 -week Demuth’s Vegan Cooking Diploma Course in Bath.

As any regular reader will know, we follow a plant-based diet and are always looking for opportunities to improve our knowledge and skills with plant based cooking.There were eight people in total on the course. It was great fun. We learned so much. But it was quite tiring and demanding, both physically and mentally. Back on the boat we are already practicing and trying out some of the things we’ve learned. We are a bit limited on the boat as we don’t have an oven on board.But once home again, we will get into full swing. You can follow this side of things on our blog http://www.meatfreeeveryday.com or see photos of the food on Instagram at greenandvegancapetown.

Manual lock on the Bath and Avon Canal

We did not really see much of Bath itself, but our accommodation was a good 30-minute walk along the Bath and Avon Canal, which was very pleasant. Seeing the English style manually operated locks brought back many memories of our hire boat trips on the Cheshire Ring and the Mon and Brec Canal in Wales.

Woofing in Cornwall

Bosavern Community Farm – St Just – Cornwall

The other reason was that we had heard about WOOFING –Working on an Organic Farm. Being into healthy eating and organic food we’ve wanted to try it for some time.

After some research we had found a farm in Cornwall, in a tiny place called St Just, near Penzance that would take us oldies for 2 weeks – Bosavern Community Farm.

Picking fruit

The farm is non-profit and community run. There are about 6 to 8 volunteers staying on the farm at any one time, as well as a few locals who come in on an ad-hoc basis. The farm grows organic fresh produce which it sells at it’s own shop, as well as supplying weekly veg boxes to hotels and restaurants in the area. As volunteers we got involved in planting, harvesting,running the shop and preparing the veg boxes. Great fun. We learned a lot, but wow, farming is hard work! We have a new appreciation for the fresh produce we buy at the shops. I definitely do not want to be a farmer in my next life.

Boating in Cornwall

Looe – Tide right out!

I suppose this post qualifies as ‘Waterway Wandering”. While there we visited several towns and villages on the South Coast of England– Looe, St Ives, Padstow – all fishing towns with ports and harbours. Boating here must be hard work! With the huge tide range one is pretty restricted as to when one can come and go! Add in the often rough weather and I wonder just how often some of these pleasure boats ever go out!

Inland waterways for me.


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