Wonderful present from our guests

I absolutely love being aboard Shangri La and playing boats.

This all actually takes up a lot of time, so I don’t get time to write the blogs.

Which is why I’ve spent the last few weeks in Cape Town writing the weekly posts, based on my photos, log book and daily diary notes.

Elred and Maureen Guest Book page

Regular followers will have noted we had three sets of friends visit us for a few days each this last cruise.

While here at home in Cape Town, we had a couple of supper parties to reminisce about the trip.

Unfortunately the one couple live in Durban so were not able to attend.

Kieron and Caroline Guest Book page

The point of all this is the most special present that was put together by these friends, Elred and Maureen being the initiators:

A Shangri La 2 Guest Book – printed with photos of all the guests and signed up by them.

How wonderful! How special!

Carl and Caron Guest Book page

And there are lots of blank, yet to be filled, pages in the book.

There is one couple due to join us late August on this next cruise.

The next trip is a five week round trip via Lelystad, Weesp, Utrecht, Roermond, Arnhem and back to Zwartlsuis, with a whole lot of smaller towns in between.

So if all goes to plan, next week will be more on Lelystad.

Happy boating and bon voyage.

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