Reflection on a French Waterway

We’re making progress on the boat buying journey again – I think!
I have joined the RYA, and am trying to do the CEVNI test.
We’re back in Aberdeen.
This is good and bad. Yes it is in the UK. But it is way north and it’s a mission to get anywhere in the UK or Europe – when time is limited.
I’ve found 2 more boats that are very interesting. Another Molenkruiser and a Valkkruiser.
One is in Antwerp and one is in France on the du Midi.

Rochers de Saussios

Things are getting hectic.
I’m working weekdays, and I need to view these boats with Karen.
So we’re booked to take the Eurostar to Brussels, then a train to Antwerp, where a broker will collect us and take us to view that Molenkruiser.
I also need to plan a trip to France – the present owner of the Valkkruiser is intending to
cruise from the Du Midi, up the Rhone, on to St Jean-de-Losgne.

Time to start brushing up on our rubbish French.

Sunset at Mailly le Chateau

And, I must plan a trip down to Nottingham so that Karen can view other Molenkruiser and the Stevens 1040 that I looked at last year.

In the meantime, I just can’t stop reminiscing about boating in France.
We had two wonderful holidays on the French Waterways – Canal de Nivernaise in 2008 and the Du Midi in 2009.
We loved the boating, the scenery, the architecture, the fresh food markets and the lifestyle.

Cathedral of St Etienne at Auxerre by night

All the photos in this post are reflections on the waters from the Nivernaise holiday.
In the next few posts I’ll cover those 2 waterways in a bit more detail.

Happy boating.

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