Relaxing on the back deck

Well, we never got to Shangri La this May as planned.
Much too much to do regarding our new house back in Cape Town.
So here I am back at sea, working.
But not all doom and gloom.

Great progress with the UK registry, and other certificate and paperwork issues.
I received a Carving and Marking Note from the MCA, giving me the boat`s new official Number and nett tonnage. This, along with her name and Port of Registry, need to be permanently marked on Shangri La.

Holland – Steenwijkerdiep Kanaal

I arranged for the marina in Zwartsluis to do this, and finally she is registered on the UK Ship’s register-
Shangri-La 2
Port of Registry – London
Official Number – 919131
Nett Tonnage 22.03

I submitted my UK Certificate of Equivalency as Ship Master to the RYA, and have now received my RYA ICC (International Certificate of Competency) which one has to have for the European inland waterways.

In addition, the Ship’s Radio Licence has been updated with respect to Automatic Transmission Identification Service (ATIS) and her ATIS and an MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity) number have been issued.

So we really are all set to go! We will spend about 2 months cruising in Holland later this year, which was always the plan anyway.

In the meantime I reminisce over past boating holiday photos from Holland.

Bon voyage.

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