Bergen Norway

We arrived in Bergen this morning.
Our vessel is doing some routine maintenance here.

It was rather bleak and damp despite being
nearly the middle of summer.
Apparently this is quite normal.
Seems like Bergen is similar to Aberdeen in Scotland – rains most of the time.

Despite that it is very beautiful. We are pretty far North – Latitude 60 degrees North.

Not quite far enough to see the midnight sun.

Crown Princess in Bergen

I am reminded of a time many years ago when I was an officer on a cruise liner.

We ran a number of Norwegian Fjord cruises, venturing as far north as Honigsvag near North Cape and I experienced midnight with the sun still a few degrees above the horison.

That was in the days before digital cameras (giving my age away here!) so I dont have a photo any more.
Many cruise liners operate in this area, and the Crown Princess was alongside as we came in.

Loads of small boat harbours in Norway

Norway has over 25000 kilometers of coastline (about 2500 kilometers if you dont include the fjords).

No wonder it is a boaters paradise!

There are numerous small boat harbours all around the fjords.
I believe that pretty well most Norwegian families have a boat of some description, either for cruising or for fishing.

The fishing is supposedly excellent with the rivers and lakes stocked with trout and salmon.

Norway is a huge country of some 385000 square kilometres, but with a total population of about 4.8 million. Bergen, where I am is the second largest city – Oslo the capital being the largest.
In a recent issue of Waterways World, there was an article on cruising in Norway. Sounded really fantastic. Will have to add this to the list of places to visit when we get our boat.
For more information on Norway go to Visit Norway or Norway Facts.

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