North Sea – sunset at 2230

Offshore in the North Sea again, but our Holland boating trip is just around the corner.

In the meantime, at this time of the year
the weather is pretty good, and it stays light till late.

Last night it was a wonderful sunset, at about 2230!
Passing through London Heathrow I grabbed the latest copies of my two favourite boating magazines:

Waterways World and Practical Boat Owner.

My favourite mags – WW and PBO

I have always been fascinated by the canals and waterways in the UK, and reading WW Waterways World it is encouraging
to see the amount of restoration work going on, new sections opening, and even a bit of a push to get commercial traffic back.

PBO Practical Boat Owner is more geared toward yachts, but is full of really useful information on a variety of important aspects of owning and maintaining any type of boat.

The latest issue has an excellent article on solar panels, a subject I am particularly keen on.
All this info will be most useful when we finally get our boat.
Happy reading!

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