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The view from Shangri-La at the repair yard in Zwartsluis

Foolishly I thought that once we had bought the boat, we would simply start cruising, and I could get on blogging about our travels.

The survey highlighted a lot of items that needed attending to – so the next stage of the journey is getting all that sorted out.

Which brings me to a lesson – when buying a boat ALWAYS get a survey. When you find your dream boat, you definitely look at it through rose tinted spectacles,and are completely blind to its defects.

New Propellor shaft – checking alignment

Fortunately, I had had this drummed into me, and being a mariner by profession, I did have a survey done.
And an excellent and thorough survey it was.

Armed with this we are getting the major items repaired at the previous owners cost, and a reasonable reduction in price to go toward several of the lesser items.
So – mixed emotions at this point.

Modified rudder

Thrilled to be sitting on our own boat! But it is still up on the hard being worked on, and Karen my better half is not here to experience it with me.
So – what were the major issues? A bent propellor shaft, picked up from the very slight vibration we felt during the test run.

And a completely corroded exhaust system.
Also the wrong anodes had been fitted – which can be replaced while she is out of the water.

So I am spending a few days here in Zwartsluis in Holland, checking up on these repairs, and trying to find out how all the various systems on the boat work.

Bicycle loaned to me by the boatyard

Of course enjoying a glass or two of wine, as I watch other boats cruise past!
The boatyard here have been wonderfully helpful. They have lent me a bicycle – a must for getting around in Holland.

So I was up at the local hardware shop today buying some necessary tools and hardware.
And now really into “messing about in boats”.

Gave the windlass a little love and attention – some lubrication, and ran out all the chain onto the quay.

Anchor chain being marked at 5 metre intervals

Being a somewhat pedantic mariner I am marking the chain so I know how much chain is out when we are anchoring.
Cleaned out the chain locker – full of sand and bits of rust.
Removed the old owners registry marks from the stern.
To get the bent prop shaft out, the boatyard had to remove the rudder. They have had to modify it so it can be refitted.
To keep costs down, I have been doing the painting work here.
Enough for today! Time for that glass of wine.

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