Netherlands waterway trip – Rotterdam to Delft

On the River Maas

We finally managed to tear ourselves away from Rotterdam and head to Delft.

We got going a bit later than usual, about 09.40,
but this was not really a problem as we only had about 16 kms to travel.

Our route took us briefly out into the River Maas
again, into Parkhaven next to the Euromast, through Parksluizen and into the Delftse Schie and on to Delft.

Spoorbrugge on the Delftse Schie

Parksluizen was another large lock, and there was only one other pleasure craft in with us.

And a lot of bridges along the way again.

The Delftse Schie was another very scenic route, and relatively narrow, with a surprising amount
of commercial traffic.

The bridges were the usual assortment of lift, swing and fixed bridges.

Waiting for barges at Spaanse Brug

One particular nameless roadbridge was a Beweeg Brug with a fixed clearance of 4.8 metres, so we managed to slip through with our VHF whip aerial just touching the steel girders.

Another bridge, Kandelaarsbrug, although a BB simply did not respond to our VHF call, so after waiting a while, we lowered the radar arch and aft canopy and went under the 4.2 metre clearance okay.

Shangri La with radar arch and canopy down

Delft was not quite as bad as Alphen aan der Rijn from a berthing point of view, but definitely a bit lacking.

We arrived at the public berths and all 7 were full.
There was space at another quay, but we were told it was reserved for local charter passenger boats.

Delft public mooring outside town

We went back, through a bridge again, to another public mooring we had seen about 500 metres
further back and tied up there.

Of course no facilities or power or water here. But it was free. Tied up at 12.40.

Delft itself is a lovely little town. But before we explored the centre, we took a walk to IKEA to buy a few things for the boat.

Caught the bus back as we were a bit laden down.

Barge used as extra restaurant space

Walked up to town and had a local beer, and supper back on board.

Next morning, Wednesday we used our trusty generator to heat up our shower water and make breakfast.

We left the mooring and headed via the public berths in the centre.

This time there were loads of vacant berths, so as we hadnt really seen much of Delft we moored up here.

Delft canal with Oude Kerk behind

Since the guide book was written, there was an automatic pay machine on the jetty.

But it only accepted Maestro or the local Chipnik card. I found the harbour master’s office and paid our dues there.

I asked him about the lack of berths. He told me that in 2008 grand plans were made for a big marina but since the economic downturn, these have been sidelined till who knows when.

We spent a few hours looking at Delft – really pretty town with the usual old buildings, several churches, attractive canals
with canalside restaurants.

The Dutch are very inventive – to create more restaurant space they use barges moored on the canal in front of the restaurant.

One of several Delftware shops

And of course, numerous shops selling Delftware china, for which the place is famous.

But we still prefer our own food. We had invited our friend from nearby to have supper on board with us and Karen cooked up a wonderful meal, washed down as usual by a glass or two of wine.

Round the canals tours in Delft


Distance –            16 kms
Locks –                1
Fixed bridges –     2
Beweeg Brugge –  9
Time –                  3 hrs

Next – Delft to Leiden

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