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Netherlands Waterway Cruise – Naarden to Weesp

Shangri La in Weesp – Netherlands

Our trip this month has a number of ‘firsts’.

It is the first time we have friends staying on board for a few days and travelling with us.

In all, three couples will joins for about four days each.

It is also the first time we will encounter low fixed bridges, and we will need to lower the radar arch and sometimes the canopies so that we can pass under them.

Our route from Naarden to Weesp

Before we left the marina, Kieron and I did some measurements, so we had a good idea as to what our air draft, or clearance would be.

And we did a test run so we had a plan for lowering the various items.

The rain had gone and it was a glorious day.

We left the Naarden marina at about 09.20 hrs.

Zeesluis at Muiden

Today’s trip was relatively short – out onto the Gooimeer, going north under the Hollandsebrug (a very high fixed bridge), briefly into the Ijmeer and then turning back south, through a lock at Muiden and up a narrow waterway called the Vecht and to Weesp (pronounced Veysp).

The passage to Muiden was lovely.

The approach to the lock was very narrow and lined with large old timer sailing vessels.

Putting our guests to work in the lock

The Zeesluis at Muiden was a double lock with vessels able to go in both directions, and the bridge was an unusual swing bridge.

The next bridge, Vechtbrug, was shown on the chart to be an opening bridge, but did not seem to be operating.

Fortunately we could fit under with about 40 cm clearance.

Town centre moorings in Weesp

We followed the windy Vecht for a couple of miles, passed numerous residential houseboats.

Next up was the Spoorbrug (railwaybrug) which again was shown to be an opening bridge, but was firmly shut with no signs of opening.
And it’s clearance height was 3.0 metres.

So we put our plan into action and lowered radar arch and canopies, and scraped under the bridge with about 30 cm to spare!

Canal art in Weesp

Through a stop lock and one more bridge and we were right in the centre of Weesp, where we tied up right next to the road.

Quite different from being in a marina – locals strolling past as you sit out on deck with your sundowner!

Here there was no Harbourmaster Office. The harbour master (mistress this time, actually) just visited on his bicycle during the afternoon to collect his(her) dues.

Sundowners on the aft deck

Also no facilities in the town for boaters, but we were able to use those of the Yacht Harbour a short walk away.

We were moored up by 11.30 hrs, and wandered around Weesp, had lunch at a cafe on the waterfront opposite our boat, followed by a relaxing evening on board.

Statistics – Distance traveled – a whole 14 km, with 1 lock, 3 fixed bridges and 1 opening bridge.

Happy boating.

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