Netherlands Inland waterway trip – Vianen to Gorinchem

Windmill along the Merwede Kanaal

Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st August 2014

Another rainy day!

Our water was getting low and we wanted to take advantage of the un-metered water.

We moved Shangri La to the water berth.

Here they don’t supply hoses, as a precaution against Legionaires Disease.

Taking water in the rain!

We had a hose but our coupling didn’t fit.

I did a dash up town to see if I could buy one, but no such luck.

Anyway Gerry and I made a plan and we managed to take on a couple of hundred litres.

After that, we set off down the Merwede kanaal towards Gorinchem.

Grote Merwedesluis

Now that we had water, we all took advantage of the on board shower on the passage.

The trip was not particularly eventful, with several bridges, fixed and ‘beweeg’  which initially didn’t cause any problems.

I had planned to follow the Merwede Kanaal all the way to Gorinchem.


At one point, just before Gorinchem, we were advised, by signs on the bank and VHF with the bridge that leisure boats must take the small canalised bit of the Linge river.

Which we did.

This route took us via a schutsluis (stoplock) at Arkel.

Here there were control lights, which were red.

We stop and waited.

Tried to contact control by VHF by no answer.

Gorinchem city wall and moat

Also, we now had to lower the radar arch to fit under the bridge.
It was about lunchtime – so we took a lunch break.

Shortly after, the lights turned green.
Once through I still have no idea what that was all about.

There was absolutely no need for control lights there. But – What do I know!

View of the town from the top of the mill

Next was Groot Merwedesluis.

A huge lock but hardly any rise or fall in level.

But, for some reason they didn’t open the bridge, so yet again had to lower both awnings.

Finally arrived at WV Merwede Marina just before 3 pm.

Gorinchem – ‘hanging rooms’

This marina was a big one and pretty good. There was a full on clubhouse that had a bar and served meals, good ablutions, laundry facilities. It boasted wifi, which unfortunately was so slow as to be useless.

Gorinchem is another of the old walled towns. It is relatively large and its star shaped ramparts
and moat are still intact or restored.

The beach at Gorinchem

As we had arrived fairly late on Saturday, we decided to take Sunday out and see Gorinchem.

We had a leisurely start Gerry and Judy did their own thing, and Karen and I set out to do the 7 k
walk around the moat walls, and walk around the town.

Being Sunday there were loads of people out
walking. There is even a beach, but it was deserted.

Restored historic barges

There are 2 old windmills here, one of which is still operating and run by volunteers.

We had a guided tour of the mill and had a great view of the town from the top.

While walking through the town we found several bands setting up for a music festival that evening, and took in some of their stuff.

WV Merwede at Gorinchem

We noticed quite a few houses with rooms built on overhanging the small canals, rather reminiscent of the hanging kitchens in Appingedam where we visited last year.
(the Appingedam post)

One section of the canal was a mooring for restored historic canal barges.

Back on board a leisurely evening with divine veggie meal made by Karen.

To read Karen’s blog about our travels go to Green Point Greenie


Distance                  22 Km
Locks                      1
Bridges                   8 Fixed and 5 BB
Motoring time        3 hours

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