Netherlands inland waterway trip – Venlo

Modern art piece in Venlo – Netherlands

Wednesday 10th September 2014
Venlo turned out to be an unplanned stop.

We left the Zuidplas and headed down the Maas, passed Roermond and to Sluis Roermond.


Double red lights – prolonged stoppage.

Sluis Heel – 6.5 metre drop

Not sure whether this was planned maintenance or a problem but there were cranes over the lock and lock gates up on the quay.

No way we were going through here.

It would have been useful if there had been some notices at the marinas about this closure, or the harbour master might have mentioned it.

Floating bollards in Sluis Heel

Nothing for it but to go back up the Maas, through Sluis Linne (up 4 metres) again, round into Sluis Heel (down 6.5 metres – fortunatel y floating bollards here), into the Lateraalkanaal Linne-Buggenum and rejoin the Maas further south.

Sluis Belfeld

This little detour cost us about 2.5 hours.

At least we were now going downstream so we made quite good time, but once through one more lock, Sluis Belfeld, we still only arrived at Venlo shortly after 16.00 hours – a bit late to carry on – so Venlo it would be.

Venlo marina

The marina here was located in a short, very narrow side arm off the river, with a floating jetty and stern-to moorings.

Turned out to be very tricky as there was a strong cross current at the berth.
Were were assisted by another couple who had just tied up and warned us about the current.

Shangri La in Venlo

Once alongside we moored up very securely, and good thing as there was a lot of movement during the night from passing barges.

No harbour master to be seen, though he did arrive in the morning to collect some money.
Electricity was available via tokens purchased at a nearby restaurant.

Venlo town square

Venlo itself – now quite a big town, but the old city centre was quite compact and a bit like most other old Dutch towns.

The language spoken here though was different – quite hard to understand having quite a strong German influence.

The coffee section in the supermarket

It is well known that the Dutch like coffee, but the supermarket here had the biggest coffee section I have ever seen – about the size of a mini supermarket on its own!


Distance         43 kms
Locks            3
Bridges          6 fixed
Motoring time    5.4 hours

Next – on to Cuijk on the Kraaienbergseplassen

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