Netherlands inland waterway trip – Full circle – back to Zwartsluis

Passing Deventer on the Geldersche Ijssel

22nd and 23rd September 2014

We had two possibilities for our last overnight stop – Deventer or Hattem.

We decided to head for Hattem for 2 reasons.

Firstly the marina at Deventer was way out of town, and we also wanted to be nearer to Zwartsluis to ensure we got back there
without too much distance to cover on our last day.

Windy weather on the Geldersche Ijssel

The ride down to Hattem was the bumpiest we had ever had.

The strong North Wester against the strong following current set up quite a severe chop on the water.

We managed to make reasonable time though and were tied up in Hattem by about 14.30 hours.

Hattem marina

JH Hattem is on a small side canal – the Appeldoornskanaal – and the strong current made entering here a bit of a challlenge.

The wind was howling across the marina and manouevring inside the marina was very tricky.

Fortunately I found a berth that was head into wind and moored up without too much trouble.

Later we helped another couple of boats as they struggled to get alongside their moorings in the wind.

Hattem old town gate

Hattem is a very small town and was actually a bit of a let down.

It was Monday so nothing was really open.

So we wandered around a bit, noted the usual churches and old buildings, and then spent a relaxing evening on board.

Sunset in Hattem

The marina claimed to have wifi, but it didnt work at all.

Rather disappointing.

Hattem Town Hall


Distance 49 kms
Locks           0
Bridges         4 fixed
Motoring time   4.3 hrs

Hattem – restored building

Next morning we set out on the last leg to Zwartsluis.

After a short distance down the Geldersche Ijssel we branched off into the Zwolle-Ijsselkanaal and through Spooldersluis – our last lock of the journey.

The trip was a bit of an anti-climax – past Zwolle and Hasselt and finally back to JH De Kranerweerd in Zwartsluis where we
tied up at about 13.30 hrs.

We were sad the trip was over, but pleased that we had had such a wonderful trip, with relatively few problems.

Next is to winter Shangri La and als do some maintenance tasks.


Distance 21 kms
Locks           1
Bridges         10 fixed
Motoring time   2.7 hrs

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