A Valkkruiser 1260

When you fall off a horse, they say you must get right back on!

So, despite the recent disappointment, we are off to Holland in a few days to look for our dream boat again.

We have a hectic long weekend planned – we will drive all over Holland, from Amsterdam to Delfzijl in the North, down to Roermond in the South, via Steenwijk and Lathum in the middle,

 Linssen 37 SE

finishing up at Zwartewaal near Rotterdam before heading back to the airport at Schiphol Amsterdam.

We have got appointments to see 5 Dutch Steel Motor Cruisers – 2 Valkkruisers, a Linssen 37 SE, a Sonar 1250 and a Hemmes 1250.

Lets hope one of these is for us.

The Sonar 1250

The one great advantage of buying a boat that is in Europe as opposed to UK is we dont have to start off with a channel crossing to get there. Our main purpose is, after all, to travel through France and the European waterways.

So wish us luck!

Will keep you posted next week.

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