Falkirk Wheel

Someone asked me on Twitter – Have you bought your boat yet?
Briefly – No not yet – but it must happen in 2012.
At the moment though, boating is far from my mind – unfortunately! – Its all very well wanting
a boat, but one must be able to pay for it, which is why I am back in Aberdeen, and working, to
build up the bank balance.
And it is jolly cold here. Especially having just come from sunny South Africa.

To keep my enthusiasm up, I was looking back through photos of past holidays and was reminded of two Scottish canal features – The Falkirk Wheel and the Crinan Canal.

Crinan Canal

The Falkirk Wheel links the Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal, 35 metres above. The wheel replaces a flight of 11 locks over a distance of 1.5 kilometres.
Read about it at Falkirk Wheel
I also mention it in an older post here, along with some other interesting waterway structures.

The Crinan Canal has been dubbed ‘the most beautiful shortcut…’.
It links the Western Isles at the Jura Sound to Loch Fyne. Its only 9 miles but avoids a sea trip of about 120 nautical miles. It is transited by about 2000 pleasure craft per year.
Check it out at Crinan Canal
Interestingly enough, there are articles on the Scottish Waterways, including these places of interest, in the January editions of Waterways World and another Canal Magazine!
Next year our boat search journey will continue…..

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