Lock at Urk

Holland is not particularly noted for locks, but there are a few.
Still the most fascinating aspect of Holland is that, being predominantly below sea level, as you go inland, you lock down!
In our brief travels through Holland, we negotiated some locks, the deepest of which was  at Urk, going from Ijsselmeer down to the canal – a massive 5 metres.

Blokzijl lock

The rest of the locks seem to only cater for the small differences in levels between the various canals.

One of the most picturesque locks
was at Blokzijl.

A change in height of only about 1 foot.


But whether locking up or down, 1 foot or 5 metres, to me it is always fun.

The handling of the boat in and out of harbours and locks is half the pleasure of boating.


Two of the other locks we went through were Beukerssluis and Roggebotsluis.

Of course, one of the reasons to visit Holland was to look at one or two boats that are for sale!
DutchSteel Motorcruisers.

More on these in the next post.

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