Shangri-La after a clean and polish

I am back in Aberdeen at the moment, but I spent the rest of the week in Zwartluis working hard on Shangri-La.

The new propellor shaft that had been supplied was rejected by the yard as it was also slightly out of true.
It would take some time to get yet another shaft.

So as Shangri-La would not be back in the water as I had originally hoped, I decided to make best use of the time and attend to a few other matters.

Rusty areas buffed to bare metal

The anti fouling was not in too bad a condition, but there were a number of rusty areas.

The yard lent me a grinder and I spent a full rather messy day taking all these areas down to bare metal, and putting on a primer.

Over the next couple of days I put on 4 coats of primer and a touch up coat of anti fouling.

While I was doing this, the welder from the yard repaired the damaged section of keel and fitted new stainless steel exhaust piping.

Repair to keel plate

The upper part of the hull and the superstructure was generally in good shape, but there were a few scratches, some staining and not as shiny as I would have liked.

I made a start on this – touched up a few bad spots, gave her a good wash down and polish which took off pretty well all the stains and left her looking much shinier.

I fitted the new anodes which I had ordered and had arrived.

Primer coats on all patches

The plan is for her to be wintered in a covered shed, so I had to take down the Bimini and awnings on the back deck.

Good to find out how it all fits together.

We will need to take it down when we go through some of the French canals, which have a number of low bridges.

I also had the engineers give the engine and generator a good service and oil change.

At the end of the week I left her there, still waiting for her new propeller shaft and to have the rudder refitted.

Anti fouling touched up and anodes on

The plan will be to put her back in the water in March 2013, and will do a full anti fouling coat then.

Actually quite pleased I got all that done – would have had to do it anyway at the end of next year.

Sounds like hard work but it was actually fun and very satisfying!

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