Waterway cruising. Back aboard in Zwarsluis

Sunrise in the North Sea

Crew change day dawned with the North Sea flatter then I have ever seen it.

The proverbial mill pond came instantly to mind.

And a glorious sunrise with it.

Sunsets seem to get photographed more often, but this sunrise had to be captured.

JH de Kranerweerd in Zwartsluis

Anyway, crew change went smoothly and after transiting via Aberdeen and London, I am back aboard Shangri La at JH de Kranerweerd in Zwartsluis.

I am delighted to say that all the promised work on the boat has been done.

All the fuel and cooling water pipes for main engine and generator have been replaced.

New bow thruster control fitted, plus a whole lot of small wiring issues sorted out.

New pressure valve fitted to the hot water cylinder as well.

And all the minor problems with the new curtains and upholstery sorted.

I have also put in 2 new portable fire extinguishers to bring us up to the required specifications, as well as purchased some extra life jackets as we will have friends with us shortly.

We are pretty well ready to go as soon as Karen joins me in a day or so.

First stop will probably be Hardewijk.

Till next week – Bon voyage.

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