Our boat Bouccanier at Joigny in France

In 2008 Karen and I spent nearly a month on a boat in France, cruising on the River Yonne and Nivernaise Canal.

This was our first trip to France. We thoroughly enjoyed it, and afterwards, we were hooked – both on boating and France.

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Joigny on the River Yonne

Our journey started in Joigny on the River Yonne. We were fortunate enough to have the use of my cousin’s boat. She was moored at the Locaboat Marina in Joigny.
I arrived a few days ahead of Karen, and spent some time finding out how everything on the boat worked, as well as something about the town. Found the local ‘Intermarche’ or supermarket, and did a shop up.

When Karen arrived, all was ready. But we did explore Joigny a bit before we set off. It is a really picturesque old medieval town.

Old buildings at Joigny
The old wooden construction can be seen in many of the buildings.
Despite the ancient buildings, there was a library where we could use the internet!
Our plan was to head up the Yonne to Auxerre, and then into the Canal de Nivernaise.
The boat was an old ‘Bounty Boat’ called ‘Bouccanier’ – an ex Crown Blue charter boat.
She was a GRP boat, about 39 feet in length.
She served us well, but her helm position was right forward. This together with a very flat bottom made steering a straight line somewhat problematic.
So we set off up stream. First night – Migennes……..

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