Zwartsluis – public jetty

Well, here we are in Holland.

But spring has certainly not sprung, so Shangri La will stay on dry land for a few more weeks.

First part of plan went okay – hired a car and came across from UK on the ferry – brought all the linen, kitchen stuff, books and heavy stuff that we had accumulated for the boat.

Had planned to anti foul Shangri La and put her back in the water and get cruising.


Not much point as the canals are partially frozen, and just too cold to even think of doing any boating.

Will spend a few days here and do some sightseeing in Amsterdam before heading back to UK.

To those hardy souls who live on their boats all year round – keep warm and lets hope this is the last of the snow!

Jachthaven de Kranerweerd – Zwartsluis

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