In the North Sea

Back in Cape Town after my trip in the North Sea on a seismic survey boat.

In a previous post I showed us crew changing by be swung around from a crane.

This time the crew changes are done using RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats).

Also involves be hoisted up out of the water.

This time though, the water is much much colder, and so we are wearing full survival suits for the transfers. (First and second photos)

Crew changing

Here in Cape Town the weather is somewhat chilly and wet, so have not done any boating here.

Have had a chance to plan our next waterway
wandering holiday. Very exciting!

Seeing as I am looking at at buying a Dutch Steel Motor Cruiser, it is probably a good idea to try one
out, and what better place than Holland!!

We have booked a Pedro Solano 33 for 2 weeks in August this year. Cant wait!

The hire base is in Urk, on Ijsselmeer, and from there we
can cruise via the canals to Amsterdam, or go North and inland.

Many of the boats I have seen for sale while browing the internet are in this area, so will go an view some of them.

Maybe the right boat will come alomg. Who knows?

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