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Sunset in the North Sea

Back in the North Sea again, but working rather than messing about in boats.

All part of the plan though.

As someone once remarked, a boat is just a hole in the water into which you throw money!

So this needs to be done.

Even though we are a week into April it is decidedly chilly out here, but the weather has been surprisingly calm, with a few lovely sunsets to cheer us up.

Fast Rescue Boat

So I get to watch the ships crew using their Fast Rescue Craft or Workboat.

… and make my own boating plans –

The plan now will be to go to Zwartsluis toward end of May and spend about 2 weeks on Shangri-La.

I need to do a couple of jobs before she goes back in the water – fit an automatic bilge pump system, and apply a new coat of anti fouling.


Then we shall do a few short trips in the area, probably revisiting some of those places we visited in 2011 like Giethoorn and Steenwijk. See here for something about that trip.

I still have not managed to get the UK registry sorted out.

The documents I sent were not quite sufficient. Had to track down more past registration history and get improved Bills of Sale, all of which I did and have resubmitted.

Had I known it was going to turn into such a performance, I probably wouldnt have bothered.

I will go offshore again from mid June to mid July. And THEN – at last, we shall set of for about 2 months, going north about around Holland and back to Zwartsluis for the next wintering.
Anyway. Thats the plan. Will keep you posted.

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