Artaix to Digoin - Brand new bridge being built

Artaix to Digoin – Brand new bridge being built


Wednesday 13th June

Artaix to Digoin

We had arranged a lockie for 0930 at the first lock, so got going about 09.10. The weather was perfect for boating – Not too hot and not raining. The first three locks were close together and operated by a young female lockie who operated the locks very gently, and drove ahead in her van to set the next lock. The next 2 were manually operated, and were very deep – one being 7 metres.

Artaix to Digoin - deep lock

Artaix to Digoin – deep lock

Somewhere along the way we noted a brand new bridge being built! Was actually not too low.

But locking down is easier than locking up. The last 2 were automatic and went well. 27 kms and 7 locks later we tied up at a free stop just outside Digoin. Periodically during the day, I stuck my head in the engine to check on the leak status. The good news is there do not seem to be any more oil-leaks!!

Artaix to Digoin - Karen operating the automatic lock

Artaix to Digoin – Karen operating the automatic lock

We took a stroll up to the centre-ville, mainly to find the supermarket and to check the opening times of the tourist info place. Yet another supermarket closed down!

But we found a cute bar with wifi and had some beer and wine while doing the much-needed email and wifi catch up.

Digoin - Catching up

Digoin – Catching up

Tomorrow we will have the full day here to do a shop up and more internet/email stuff at the tourist info.


Thursday 14th June


Full day here in Digoin. After the usual breakfast smoothie (I make us a superfood smoothie every morning) we strolled into town and the Tourist Info Centre where they have good wifi. Spent an hour with a much needed catch up on emails etc.

We walked across the aquaduct and saw  huge barge with a swimming pool!!!

Digoin - Barge with swimming pool???

Digoin – Barge with swimming pool???

I also now have finally advertised Shangri La on the Apolloduck Website, and made contact with the local Boatshed agent. He is going to pop in tomorrow for a chat. The local supermarche had closed down (surprise!) but the were three bigger ones just outside the town. Thus –  a long walk to E LeClerc and Aldi and we staggered back to the boat laden down.



Have a look at Karen’s blog for her take on our travels……

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