Start of the 2016 European Waterway Cruising Season

Lock at St Jean-de-Losne

Well here I am, beginning of June, in a rather chilly and rainy St Jean-de-Losne!

It has been a strange year so far – my work contract fraught with delays to it’s start time.

Originally meant to happen end Feb, but finally started end of April!

Shangri La at H2O

But I am here –

Shangri La still out the water, awaiting her underwater area being sandblasted and a new full coat anti-fouling to be applied.

She has a load of expensive mechanical stuff done in the meantime – turbo-charger overhaul, brand new generator fitted, new cooling water heat exchanger fitted and a lot of old wiring replaced.

New generator

Hopefully the underwater stuff will get completed during the next week, and she can go back in the water and I can test these upgrades and repairs.

It was also a bit of an epic journey to get here from London – 6 different train trips – Overground to Vauxhaul, underground to King’s Cross/St Pancras, Eurostar to Paris Gar du Nord, RER to Gare de Lyon, SCNF to Dijon and finally another local train to St Jean-de-Losne.

Sauconna Hotel

As the French have a great propensity to strike, 2 of the trains from Dijon to here were cancelled so I had to wait 2 hours in Dijon.

Anyway got here in the end.

While Shangri La is up on dry land I am staying at a local hotel – Sauconna – right on the waterfront, overlooking the River Saone.

View of Saone from my window

During my short time here so far, I have wandered about the town a bit.

It is said to be the boating hub of Burgundy.

2 big marinas and boatyards, H2O and Blanchards, as well as the big hire company Le Boat are located here, but other than that not a lot happens here!

St Jean church clock tower

Nevertheless, it is a very attractive little town an the local church has a lovely brickwork clock-tower.

There is also a maritime museum here, which I have yet to visit.

I am just starting to plan our trips for the year, but more on that in the next post.

St Jean market – nuts and dried fruit

Wednesday in St Jean is market day, and I bought a load of delicious fresh nuts, as well as dried fruits.

In the meantime – happy boating!

Public quay at St Jean-de-Losne

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