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Canal du Centre

Canal du Centre

Friday and Saturday 21st and 22nd July 2017

Chagny to St Leger-sur-Dheune

St Leger-sur-Dheune was touted in the guide book as a good place to stop, and so it proved to be. We set out from our wild stop near Chagny, initially leisurely, but spotted a hotel boat coming up from behind. Immediate haste to get going ahead of it! It was a pleasant trip along the Canal du Centre, about 3 hours, 12 kms and 4 locks. Beautiful views across the vineyards. I always find it strangely fascinating to be on the canal and look down into the valley.

Canal du Centre looking down into the valley and vineyards

Canal du Centre –  looking down into the valley and vineyards

A lot of low bridges though! We literally scraped through most of them with the forward awning up, except for one where we had to scramble to lower it at the last minute!

Canal du Centre - Low bridge

Canal du Centre – Low bridge

We probably could have made better time but we caught up another hotel boat before the last lock which slowed us down.
St Leger is a hire boat base for Locaboat, but there were a few good spots to tie up, with electricity and water and amenities. Cost 15 Euro per night all inclusive. Not too bad. We took a quick walk around the town. Quite cute but not much going on at all. After the heat of the day there was the thunderstorm and downpour. So we took refuge in a local bar which had wine at Euro 2 per glass. And free wifi.

Shangri La in St Leger-sur-Dheune

Shangri La in St Leger-sur-Dheune


Santenay and Cycles

We discovered the marina had free bicycle loan! Being still in the heart of the winelands, and not having done much wine tasting, we thought we would stay another day here, borrow their bikes, and ride back into Santenay. There were a number of wine cellars in the town. Some looked a bit expensive so we chose one that did not look so frightening.

Santenay wine cellar

Santenay wine cellar

Tasted lovely wines, and bought a selection. We lunched at a brasserie in the square, naturally with a pichet of local wine. Laden down we cycled back to Shangri La.

Santenay - village square

Santenay – village square

A lovely day – except for the cycling itself. Many boaters keep bicycles on their boats. We have always resisted this, and each time we borrow or hire bikes, I am reminded why. Neither of us enjoy cycling, least of all up hills. It is just so uncomfortable. I would rather walk. And bicycles are in the way on the boat, exposed to the weather, and might even get stolen.

Day bicycle hire St Leger-sur-Dheune

Day bicycle hire St Leger-sur-Dheune

Next on to Montchanin.


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