2015 European waterway cruise – Netherlands – Amsterdam to Utrecht

Last view of Amsterdam

Leaving Sixhaven just after 09.30, we returned to the River Ij, and headed to the Amsterdam-Rijn Kanaal.

This canal is a busy commercial
route, and not that popular with pleasure boats.

A more attractive, but slower route is along the Vecht, but we did this waterway last year, o we opted for the faster route.

On the Amsterdam-Rijn Kanaal

Fortunately it wasn’t too busy and we had a pleasant trip.

There were a few rain showers, but our new windscreen wiper came into it’s own and worked well.

Again we were vigilant about sticking to the rules – changing VHF channel as required,
and keeping well to the starboard side on the canal.

Fancy boat overtaking us

At Maarssen we left the Amsterdam-Rijn Kanaal for the last bit of the trip, to enter Utrecht from the North via the Vecht.

This entailed passing through an open stop-lock and under a rather low (3.75 metre) bridge, so again it was down with the radar arch and aft canopy.

Bridge to the Vecht

After several more low fixed bridges (4.0 metres), and 1 lock – (Weerdsluis), we berthed in Utrecht municipal harbour at about 15.15 hrs.

This municipal marina is the most reasonably priced so far at Euro 11 per night.

You get unlimited electricity (walstroom) included, but very little else.

Plompbrug on the Vecht

There are toilets and showers available, at a cost, at the marine shop at the end of the jetty, but they are only open from 09.00 to 18.00.
And definitely no wifi.

We’ve been to Utrecht before on Shangri-La, so gave the sight-seeing a miss and spent the next day doing some shopping for necessities – some marine and food items.

Shangri La in Utrecht

Read more about the Vecht and Utrecht in previous posts – The Vecht and Utrecht

Next – Dordrect via Shoonhoven.
Bon voyage.

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