Decize - on the Loire

Tuesday 19th June
The marina at Decize turned out to be very good, and not as expensive as I had been expecting. 10 Euros per night including electricity and water and wifi. This time the wifi actually worked! Well on our PCs and my mobile. But would simply NOT work on Karen’s Iphone. Nic…

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River Loire at Decize

Canal Lateral a la Loire

Friday 15th to Monday 18th June
Canal Lateral a la Loire
Digoin to Decize
Digoin is where three waterways meet – Canal du Centre, Canal de Roanne a Digoin and the Canal Lateral a la Loire.

We set out from Digoin, now heading down the Canal Lateral a la Loire, at about 09.30 on the Friday…

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Locking up on the Canal de Roanne a Digoin

Canal de Roanne s Digoin - Artaix to Digoin

Wednesday 13th June
Artaix to Digoin
We had arranged a lockie for 0930 at the first lock, so got going about 09.10. The weather was perfect for boating – Not too hot and not raining. The first three locks were close together and operated by a young female lockie who operated the locks …

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Wild stop outside Montchanin

Canal de Roanne a Digoin - Roanne to Briennon

Monday 11th June
Roanne to Briennon
Our departure day. Raining. Karen returned the ablution keys to the Capitainerie while I disconnected the shore power. Lowered our awning and radar arch in preparation for the low bridges. We left at about 10.45 and did a short circle through the harbour wavin…

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Shangri La in Roanne June 2018

Roanne 2018

Wednesday 30th May
And at last I am back aboard Shangri La in Roanne!

It is always a bit of a trek to get back on board, but this time it was exacerbated by the French rail strike. I had booked my flight from London to Lyon some time ago for Monday 28th , planning to take the tra…

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Shangri La in Roanne June 2018

Vegan Barging in France

Regular readers might be aware that Karen and I follow a plant-based diet, which can be tricky at times, but possibly more so while vegan barging in France. It has become easier over time, and we eat very well on board! Shangri-La has a wonderfully equipped galley

and Karen produces the m…

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Shangri La at Paray le Monial

“There is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” … as the Water Rat said to the Mole in “Wind in the Willows”. And how right he was! I hope I can share the pleasures of boating by recording the trips myself and my wife Karen have taken on the journey to actually buying our boat, and now on our very own Dutch Steel Motor Cruiser, Shangri-La 2.

This blog is an online journal of my various boating activities that have happened over the last few years, from the numerous boating holidays we have taken, some interesting work related events and the journey to buying our own boat

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Latest Adventures

Canal du Centre – Digoin

  Tuesday 1st to Thursday 3rd August Paray to Digoin This part of the trip along the Canal du Centre was an easy boating day – 11 kms and 3 locks (vertical drop of 7 metres). We had arranged a 1000 start with Alain the VNF lockie, so all the locks were set... read more

Canal du Centre – Paray-le-Monial

Saturday 29 to Monday 31 July Genelard to Paray-le-Monial Another early start. We got going about 08.45, to be at the first lock at 09.00. We traveled together with a New Zealand boat all the way to Paray. Made it quite easy as they were ahead and entered to locks... read more

Canal du Centre – Genelard

Friday 27th and 28th July Montceau to Genelard We had arranged with the VNF for an 0900 start, as there were three bridges that needed to be raised for us to get going. All went well and we were through the three bridges by 0915. And all the locks were set in our... read more


Monday 24th to Thursday 27th July 2017 Canal du Centre – Locking down Montchanin is at the summit, so to speak, of the Canal du Centre and now we started locking down again. The trip to Montceau-les-Mines was 13 kms and 9 locks with a total drop of 26 metres.... read more

Canal du Centre – St Leger to Montchanin

Sunday 23rd July 2017 Some days are full-on boating days and this was one of them! Lots and lots of locks as well as lots of low bridges. Fortunately the weather was good – not raining, but cloudy with a comfortable temperature. Perfect as we had to have all the... read more

Chagny to St Leger-sur-Dheune – Canal du Centre

Friday and Saturday 21st and 22nd July 2017 Chagny to St Leger-sur-Dheune St Leger-sur-Dheune was touted in the guide book as a good place to stop, and so it proved to be. We set out from our wild stop near Chagny, initially leisurely, but spotted a hotel boat coming... read more

Chagny – on the Canal du Centre

French inland waterway cruise – 20 July 2017 Chagny After our long and exhausting day yesterday, we decided to stay in our wild stop just outside Chagny for another night. We love these wild stops – so peaceful and relaxing. In the morning though, we... read more

Canal du Centre – Chalon-sur-Saone to Chagny

Chalon-sur-Saone to Chagny Wednesday 19th July 2017 So finally it was time to leave the River Saone and venture into the Canal du Centre – a totally new waterway for us. Canal du Centre was indeed as beautiful as we had been told, but a lot of locks, lots of low... read more

River Seille – Cuisery and Louhans

On the Saone – Chalon to Macon and back – River Seille Saturday 1 to Tuesday 18 July – Part 5 We had been told by quite a few boaters that the River Seille up to Louhans was lovely – and so it proved to be. The river is quite small and narrow,... read more

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My love of boats goes back to my early years when I went on holiday with my parents to Knysna in the Cape. We stayed at a hotel on stilts, and I played in rowing boats and little motor boats on the lagoon.

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